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Jim's Mobile Car Removal Service

Owen Polanski has begun offering a car removal service to his clients.
Owen is able to remove small and medium sized cars, and has been doing much of his work in the fire devistated areas such as Kinglake.

Random acts of kindness.

Ch 9's new TV show hosted by Scott Camm, is supported by Jim's Skip Bins. Bins have been provided by Jim's, free of charge to support worthy causes.


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Why you hire Jim's Skip Bins?

A skip bins are large type of waste disposal containers with open topped. They are to be loaded onto specially designed vehicles for transport.

Our Professional Service

The skip bins are kept on a place and when it is filled with waste the skip bins are removed and replaced with an empty bin. The loaded skip bins are moved to a waste disposal site or landfill site.

Skip Bins by Jim's Group

The Waste Types matters the most

Different types of bins are available for particular waste types • Green Waste Skip Bins Organic waste such as wood and woodchips, branches and barks of trees are to be disposed.

Other types of waste

• Household Waste Skip Bins Cloths, card boards and wood are to be disposed. • Dirt Skip Bins Dirt, sand and soil can be disposed. • Construction and Demolition Skip Bins Renovation waste such as bricks, concrete and demolished wastes are to be disposed.

Our Waste disposal service

Optional usage experience

Most of the time skip bins are used at construction and demolition sites. Construction materials can be delivered in skip bins and later can be used to dispose waste. Skip bins are very useful when there are many materials are to be moved away.

Jim's Skip Bins are for Hire

Skip bin suppliers provide bins for any occasion. You can contact us or book online to collect waste out from renovation, demolition or landscaping processes. This is the type of bin that you get when you order a Jim

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